Drone Videography



Crashed Drone

My first drone was a Syma X5C. Incidentally, it was also my second drone. Long story short,I sat the first one out on the front porch and was about to fly when one of my kids called to me from within the house. I went back into the house, controller in-hand and finished whatever conversation. Well, somewhere in my travels back into the house I had gently - but accidentally - nudged the elevation control stick without noticing. When I came back outside, the drone was gone. At first, I was bewildered, "Where could it have gone?" I asked myself. Then I noticed the errant stick and cursed myself out but good - So, that's when I purchased another Syma X5C. I was VERY grateful that my first two drones were relatively inexpensive :)

My third drone was a DJI Phantom 3 which, after many successful flights, I rammed into a peach tree in the front yard (see inset image). The drone came crashing down and the camera gimbal basically shattered. I obtained a replacement for the gimbal and the assorted damaged parts to attempted a repair myself. It... kind of worked? The gimbal wouldn’t really stabilize for very long and would start to gyrate like it was possessed.

Which brings us to the current - and still in one piece - drone, DJI Phantom 4. I enjoy flying drones immensely and use them mainly in support of a local realtor office, Century 21 Frank Frye Real Estate, doing outdoor shoots with the Phantom and indoor shoots with my Osmo. I usually combine the outdoor and indoor shoots into a short 2-3 minute video the realtors use for advertising their properties. I use Corel Video Studio 10 for the editing and production.

Some samples of my videography can be found below:

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