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Like I've stated a few times, I love to code. I code for work, for myself, and for friends as well. A few of my friends own businesses, and like any business, they need a presence on the internet. I host, code, and maintain websites for a few of my friends. Over the years the sites have come and gone, but the friends remain ;)

Eagle Machine and Welding is a fantastic shop, owned and operated by Wade and Kristie Ranck.

The Scotty Principle Logo

I am a HUGE Star Trek fan! Specifically, I am a massive fan of James Doohan's portrayal of Montgomery "Scotty" Scott. Throughout all of the various Star Trek movies and TV Shows in which he has appeared, it was in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Relics, in which Scotty gave perhaps the best advice for any aspiring engineer, technologist, or just anyone who must perform under tight timelines and pressure, while striving to realistically manage expectations.

The Scotty Principle is my homage to this advice, and to the brilliant performance by Mr. Doohan - may he forever rest in peace.